Verification of All Uploaded Documents And Matching It With The Original Ones Will Be Done Only At Allotted/Admitting College After Allotment in Rounds.

All Remarks on the on line CAP Application form and uploaded documents are removed. The candidate to verify the documents and match the entries in the on line application form and admitting college to verify the documents uploaded and match with the original ones.

College's can admit & confirm admissions upto 24 October as printed in the provisional allotment letter, the published schedule will be updated on 22 October in due course along with round four dates as notified in notice published.

Verification of All Uploaded Documents And Matching It With The Original Ones Will Be Done Only At Allotted/Admitting College After Allotment in Rounds.
Candidates and the Colleges will be responsible for any discrepancy cropping in ARA verification after wards.

The Final Merit List of LL.B-3 Year Will Be Displayed On the Website on 10th Sept. 2019 at 11.00 A.M.

1) Before confirming admission for Round II Candidates should read Notice No: 4 : 2 (a) to (f) Carefully.
2) On Hold Candidates will be able to edit the CAP Application form/ change /upload required documents before the Third and Final On Line Admission Round as per the Schedule.
3) NRI Allocation list for Government and Aided colleges is displayed on the web site.
4) Separate Notice will be flashed regarding Round 4 Institutional level Round.
5) In case about discrepancy in documents and marks while finalizing the guidelines given in Notice No:-5 shall prevail.
The changes in the application will happen once the scrutiny work is done.
The verification and approval is a manual process by the team of Verifiers. It will take place in the due course. Only thing the candidates have to confirm for themselves that they have fill in the correct information and uploaded the correct documents as per the provisions in the Information Brochure and various notices together. Candidates will be able to check the approval status from their own log in. All Candidates who have correctly uploaded the documents during grievance period should take a note of this.

Instructions to the Colleges and Candidates

Date of Second Phase of Waiting List Round

Activities for the Candidates and Colleges

20-11-2019 CET CELL will Highlight in the college wise published Merit List the names of the Candidates admitted in the Phase I of Waiting List Round
21-11-2019 to 23-11-2019 Waitlisted unadmitted candidates should report to the Colleges as per their choice for which they have given choices in the Round IV. Candidate should decide to which college he/she should go, verifying the Cet Score , vacancies and chances of getting admission. Candidate should note that number of candidates trying to seek admission is more and number of vacacnies are limited.
21-11-2019 to 23-11-2019 College to seek Manual Attendance of the Candidates reported to their colleges and prepare the Manual Merit List of the present candidates day wise as per the Schedule displayed on the College Notice Board and the College web site since college working hours not uniform. Manual Attendance and the Manual Merit list will be valid for that particular day.
21-11-2019 Candidate who are allocated some college,in I phase of Waiting List Round, are not eligible to take admission in phase II in the same college,they are eligible for admission in the colleges where he is wait listed
21-11-2019 to 23-11-2019

1) Freeze Option not available in Candidate's Log in, It is available in College Log in only.The College should verify the docuemtns of the Candidate first and then only Freeze the admission The admission once freezed cannot be unfreezed.

2) Only college can Freeze the Admission.

3) After Freezing the admission of the candidate , candidate has to pay the the seat Acceptance Fees through Candidate's login.The College should ensure that the candidate makes payment.

After payment Admit/Reject button will come before each Candidate's Name in College

College can verify documents and admit or reject candidate

After Admitting the Candidate, the admitting College can upload documents of the Candidates if required as per Notice No. 10.